This first race Super Enduro there was a strong turnout of riders from America and consequently the average level has risen.
Beta was present with the winner of 2014 Super Enduro Giacomo Redondi in his first year in the prestige class and Kyle Redmond American rider in his first race with Beta.

The track well designed with many technical obstacles and spectacular, had a very soft ground where many channels were formed and this has made it much more challenging especially for overtaking. It was therefore necessary to make good starts, but unfortunately our drivers despite a demonstrated good speed in qualifying, unfortunately did not found the perfect start and always had to chase the leaders, in that last race Redmond after starting in the middle group finished in sixth place showing a good feeling with the new bike, despite he only did one test week.
Giacomo made too many mistakes that did not allow him to show its full potential.


Both riders will return from Poland satisfied and ready to work to improve for the next race to be held in Germany on January, 3